Soft Wash Of A house
Soft Wash Of A Vinyl Sided House
Soft Wash Of A Wood Deck
Soft Wash Of A Wood house
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Soft Exterior Wash
Tony Soft Wash delivers the ultimate home makeover - which is magically bringing new life back to your old, dull, faded and tired exterior.
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Old Siding. New Life.
Tony Soft Wash's expert soft wash methods will restore your home's vinyl exterior to its once and former glorious, old, vibrant, colorful self.
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Dirty, Grey, Old Wood?
Our careful, professional, soft washing technicians can restore your seemingly worn out backyard deck wood to its natural original color and sheen.
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Back To Beautiful
Our wand-bearing, soft washing magicians can bring your home's cedar siding and shingled roof back to its original color and texture.
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Gentle Soft Washing

What is soft washing? As opposed to traditional 'power' washing - 'soft' washing won't damage your painted, stained or soft surfaces. Therefore, soft washing is the much safer choice.

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Modern Methods

Our state-of-the-art equipment and methods for cleaning stubborn surfaces like pavers, concrete, wood and cedar are proprietary, tried and true. Plain and simple - our methods work.

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Superior Results

It's tough to argue with the results we achieve at 1/100th of the cost of new siding. If you're thinking of new siding, give us a call first and let us soft wash it before you invest.

Tony Is Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly

Our soft wash methods, guns, tools and cleaning agents are all eco friendly. We strive to do our part in protecting, preserving and restoring what we already have.


We specialize in soft wash cleaning. We take great pride in consistently providing outstanding cleaning results for your home, business or multi-unit property’s exterior. This economical, valuable service treats stains by attacking and killing the algae and mold. Our soft wash cleaning process costs about $199.99 for a 1-story house ($249.99 for a 2-story house).

Tony Soft Wash provides amazing exterior cleaning services to residential and commercial properties across the whole of Long Island. Our soft washing services offer roof washing, vinyl siding washing, wood or composite deck cleaning, vinyl or metal gutter cleaning, vinyl or wood fence cleaning and concrete and paver cleaning. Contact us for a free estimate today at 631-365-5858.
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